Jerusalem-born, Roni Eytan, is pioneering a new way of playing the harmonica by drawing influences from a wide range of music, that transcends the traditional sonorities common to the harmonica, making his voice one-of-a-kind.

He also plays the microtonal harmonica, an instrument designed especially for him (and the first ever made) enabling him to play the Middle-Eastern Maqamat (Middle-Eastern modes)


In March 2014, at the young age of 23, Roni Eytan joined Grammy-winning pianist Danilo Perez’ "Panama 500" Quartet and toured with him for two years all over the world in renowned venues and international festivals, such as the Newport Jazz Festival, Rio Loco Festival -Toulouse, and the Panama Jazz Festival among many others.


After playing and recording mostly as a sideman, Roni started developing his own band focusing on playing his original music. His musical language is rooted in the Jazz tradition, as well as music of the Middle East and North Africa (Andalusian Music), all of which are parts of Roni's musical roots and cultural identity. 


In the past year, Roni has been leading his band and presenting his music internationally in festivals and venues such as the Panama Jazz Festival, the Toronto Jazz Festival, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, the Aqua Jazz Festival (GR)International music showcase festival ( IL) and Musig im Pflegidach (CH)

He is currently studying at the prestigious Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance class of 2020. He was the first harmonica player to be accepted to the program.

In addition to Danilo Perez, Roni had also shared the stage with renowned musicians and bands such as: John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Eddie Gomez, Kevin Hays, Antonio Serrano, Roman Diaz, the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, Miguel Zenon, Adam Cruz, John Beasley and Ben Street.

Roni Eytan is endorsed by Brendan Powers power harps, who built Roni's custom made "Microtonal Harmonica" and Audix Microphones.